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International Liège Colloquium
on Ocean Dynamics


Every year, GHER / Modelenvironment organizes the International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics. Each year a different topic is discussed among scientists who specialized in this matter and others who want to see how their own work can benefit from the progress made in the subjects under discussion. Previous issues covered a wide range of subjects. The most recent topics were :

1990 : Ice covered seas and ice edges: physical, chemical and biological processes and interactions
1991 : Modelling the interaction of the deep ocean and the shelf and coastal seas
1992 : Sub-mesoscale air-sea interactions
1993 : Data assimilation in marine science (in association with NATO)
1994 : The coastal ocean in a global change perspective
1995 : Processes in regions of freshwater influence.
1996 : Modelling hydrodynamically dominated marine ecosystems
1997 : Modelling of turbulence revisited
1998 : Hydrodynamical and Ecosystem Processes in Ice Covered Seas of the Southern and Northern Hemisphere
1999 : Three-Dimensional Ocean Circulation : Lagrangian measurements and diagnostic analyses
2000 : Exchange Processes at the Ocean Margins
2001 : The use of data assimilation in coupled hydrodynamic, ecological and bio-geo-chemical models of the ocean
2002: Tracer methods in geophysical fluid dynamics
2003: Dying and Dead Seas (in association with NATO)
2004: Marine Environmental Monitoring and Predictions
2005: Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces
2006: Revisiting the Role of Zooplankton in Pelagic Ecosystems
2007: Turbulence Re-Revisited
The NATO-RUSSIA ARW and the 2008 Liège Colloquium  will be held 5-7 May 2007. The subject of this 40th Colloquium is :

Influence of Climate Change on the Changing Arctic and SubArctic Conditions

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